Sunday, September 28, 2008

Y2W18 - Week of Firsts

We are trying to adjust to the new little guy. He likes to eat just a little bit A LOT! Does that make sense? I feel like I'm always feeding him but he only eats a little at a time. The girls seem to be adjusting to him quite well. Bryn has been especially understanding. Avery has been extremely touchy with him, wanting to give him hugs every 3 seconds. Bailey wants to hold him all the time but is fairly understanding when I explain that I have to feed him yet again. It has been great having my mom here to help. She has been getting the girls ready for school each morning, taking them to and from school, making their lunches, and grocery shopping. I know it sounds like I haven't been doing a thing. It is true, I haven't, except for feeding this boy. My mom took our first family picture (with Lleyton, of course).

Lleyton had his first major outing on Friday as we had to take him to the American Consulate to get him registered as an American citizen. The funniest part was Greg standing in the photo booth with him trying to hold him to the side to get his passport picture. It took us about ten tries, the photo booth finally got fed up with us and just printed the picture. It was quite the humorous moment. I wish I would have had the video camera with me.

I am pleased to say that everyone here has been so sweet and kind to us. We have great friends here and are feeling very blessed with all of the love and support that has been offered to us, not to mention feeling blessed to have a healthy, growing, little baby join our family.

All I can say about Saturday is Go Blue! Way to pull it out in the end. I only heard about it of course, considering that it started here at 9:30pm. Greg couldn't watch it as the stream was having technical difficulties, but he listened to it on the internet. I have to say that there is a little something missing when we are not in Ann Arbor to enjoy the hype that is Game Day.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Y2W17 - The Little Prince

I will get right to the point...the waiting is over. It's a BOY. I know, I didn't even believe Greg when he said it is a little boy. I am still in shock. It is hard for me to refer to him as Him. We are all okay and the delivery was pretty smooth.

There were a couple of ladies at Church last week that told me that the baby would come when the moon was full. Turns out they were right. We went to the hospital on Monday night/Tuesday morning about 1:00am and he was born at 4:50am. It was a very pleasant experience delivering over here. The Midwife, several nurses, and my neighbor all called him, "The Little Prince" when they found out that he had three sisters at home. So, there it is. Minutes after coming into this world he was donned, "The Little Prince."

Here are some pictures of the little guy.

Lleyton Scott Christensen
September 16, 2008
4:50 AM
6 ½ lbs. 21" long

We feel very blessed to have this new addition. Thanks to those who have called/emailed. I am trying to answer calls and emails so be patient with me. This boy likes to eat so I am spending half of my life right now feeding him.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Y2W16 - Okay, Let's Go...

Avery really wanted Greg to take her training wheels off of her bike. He did it last weekend but everybody came down with colds so we never had an opportunity to take her out and teach her to ride her bike. My mom took Bailey and Avery down to the Rhein and of course Bailey begged to take roller blades and Avery wanted to take her bike. When they returned, my mom said that Avery rode her bike no problem without my mom running behind the bike holding on. Greg and I took this with a grain of salt as grandparents tend to be proud of their grandchildren and possibly even embellish the truth a little bit.

The next day, Avery was so excited that she rode her bike all by herself that we went down to the Rhein again so she could show me her accomplishments. I explained to her that with my big belly situation I would not be able to run behind the bike holding on. Her response was, "Oh, you don't need to. Just hold my arm until I get my feet on my pedals." I was thinking to myself, "Yeah, right." I did as she asked and held her arm until she got her feet on her pedals and away she went. No joke. I was amazed. All of our German friends told us that the transition from the Laufrad to a two-wheeler was no problem. Greg and I were skeptical but now we are believers. No running behind the bike, no holding on, no falling and crying, no pep talks. AMAZING!

By the way, there is no baby yet. We are still waiting. This is new to us because we expected that #4 would be early, afterall we were three for three for being early. The latest news is that I went to the Doctor on Friday, she checked the water level, said it was fine, and told me if I didn't have the baby this weekend, to come in again on Monday.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Y2W15 - The Much Anticipated Jungle Birthday

It all started about three months ago when I asked Avery to start thinking about what theme she might want for her birthday. The usual Princess themes came up which would have been fine, but then she told me who she wanted to invite and to my surprise, there were quite a few boys on the list. I asked her if she thought they would want to come to a Princess Birthday and she thought maybe not. So, our work began trying to plan a non-gender specific birthday that would make Avery happy. We started brainstorming Jungle/Safari ideas and finally found a theme she thought she would like. This was the result...

We had jungle snacks, a Safari where we hunted for hidden animals, an egg race, bag races, a tiger piƱata, presents, and cake. The two hours went by so fast that I think my mom and I were running almost the entire time.

Here are some pictures of the cake. This was quite the project as Avery kept changing her mind until the very last minute. Once she wanted a sun, then a lion head, then a jungle, then a laying down giraffe. I finally told her it was simply too late to change her mind anymore and that we would surprise her. This was the outcome.

On Saturday, we were pumped up to have a Michigan Fall tradition of U of M football and cider and doughnuts. Since we are not in Michigan, we have to do the cider and doughnuts ourselves. See Chef Greg whipping up the doughnuts. Yum!

Greg played tour guide to my mom and took her to the Beethoven House downtown Bonn. She really wanted to go last time she was here but we ran out of time. Beethoven is one of her favorite composers so it was nice for them to be able to go without the girls so she could really take it in.