Sunday, February 22, 2009

Y2W39 - Karneval

Okay, I completely blame my friend Rachel for the tardiness of this post. I planned on getting it done before our little vacation but I wasted so much time on Facebook, that I neglected my blogging duties. It is Karneval time again, so the whole week we saw people (even little kids) dressed as French soldiers. It was a busy week leading up to Karneval at school. They changed their minds several times about their costumes which for some reason stresses me out. And, of course the girls had to be in the school talent show again so there was much practicing going on. Here are the pics:

It is pure craziness as the whole town gets decked out in costume (adults included) to celebrate. I was a pirate this year, Bailey a cat, Avery an Asian princess, Bryn was Sleeping Beauty(not much of a costume since she truly believes she is Sleeping Beauty), and Lleyton was a cowboy.
Bailey and Avery decided to do the talent show dance together. They did a great job especially since most of our practice time was used up when we were all sick. I was so proud of them. Especially Avery at 5 years old, getting up in front of the whole school to do a dance with her sister. They were a bit disappointed that all of the acts were cut a bit short just so we would get out of school on time but it was really fun to watch none-the-less.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Y2W38 - Valentine's Day

I don't know how it is in your house but in our house, Valentine's Day ranks up there with Christmas and Easter. The girls were up bright and early waking us up to get everything going for the big event. They don't have a Valentine's Day celebration at school so they are always excited to celebrate at home. We had a brunch planned with the Missionaries because Greg had to give a talk in Church this week and he needed their translation help. In exchange for their help, we gave them a Valentine's Day Soiree. This included chocolate fondue of course. What a bummer that as I was getting the fondue stuff out ready to go, I dropped the glass bowl that goes into the fondue pot. It was so disappointing but Greg found a way to make another bowl work. Bailey had a birthday party to go to all afternoon and the rest of us played the Wii (got some great action shots of Greg). After we picked Bailey up, we headed over to Vapiano for a dinner out. It was so nice to go out for a change.

We have a couple English speaking radio stations that we listen to sometimes, the British armed forces and the American armed forces stations. This week I heard a story on one of these stations that made me stop, ponder, and really feel inspired. In a time when having moral character doesn't seem like that popular of a subject on the radio, I was pleasantly surprised enough to come home and look it up on the internet. Here is the story:

"Terry and his dad Glen were walking along the shore and came upon a scorpion struggling in the tide, trying to get back to the sand. Glen tried to scoop the creature up, but the scorpion stung him and fell back into the tide. Glen tried again and was stung again.
Terry said, "Dad, leave him alone! He’s not worth saving."
But Glen tried one more time. This time he was successful and threw it onto the sand.
Terry said, "Why waste time on an ornery critter who’s too stupid to know it’s being helped?"
Glen answered, "Son, the scorpion stings by instinct. It’s his nature. I chose to help him because that’s my nature."
Glen was teaching his son a profound moral lesson about being human. Like other species, we’re born with an instinct for survival and a disposition towards selfishness. Yet, blessed by a sense of compassion and the power to reason, we also have an instinct to think and act beyond our self-interest. Human nature is complex. It’s as much in our nature to be kind, loving and generous as it is to be cruel, selfish and dishonest. We can nurture or ignore our nobler instincts. Some people act like scorpions. Trapped by negative instincts and response patterns, they think it’s their nature and hide behind the belief, "That’s the way I am."No one is born with good or bad character. We’re born with the capacity to have either, to choose our ultimate nature. When we choose to be good, we are good.
This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts."

It comes from the Josephson Institute.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Y2W37 - Rollin'

We started Rice cereal with Lleyton this week. He seems to like it. My favorite part of starting cereal with babies is the messy face pictures that are captured during those first few times. See what I mean...

Lleyton also started rolling this week from his back to belly. Every time we put him on the floor now, he rolls immediately to his belly which is sort of a problem since he really doesn't like being on his belly that much.

Avery was into a bit of mischief this week. I took pictures because I have quite a few pictures of Bailey and even Bryn getting into things they shouldn't, but I don't think I have any of Avery. Plus, I'm conflicted about it. On the one hand, I'm angry about the fact that she wrote on the wall. On the other, I'm glad she is innocent enough to write her own name, therefore only incriminating herself, and not trying to blame it on someone else. Can you say, "I NEED Attention." Thank you Avery for reminding me that every child in the family deserves the same amount of attention.

Greg had an opportunity to play soccer Saturday morning with some Church friends. Fortunately, he returned with all of his ACLs intact and only a minor flesh wound. That evening, we had a date. Yes, a date. One of Greg's friends from work was turning 40 and invited some people to help him celebrate. Turned out to be really fun. We went to a Brew Pub and an all-you-can-eat rib joint. And, did I mention it was a date.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Y2W36 - Sicker than all get out

There are no highlights this week unless you really enjoy hearing about how the entire family had this horrible virus that completely knocked us out.

Avery had it Monday and Tuesday, then Bryn and Lleyton got it Wednesday morning. I got it Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning I begged Greg to stay home because I knew I couldn't take care of everyone by myself. Big Mistake because by Friday morning, Greg had it too. The only one to completely side step it was Bailey. I am so glad January is over.

I thought about taking some pictures of the house that looked like a tornado went through it after a couple days of mom and dad not doing anything, but I was so embarrassed by it, I knew I would never post them anyway.