Sunday, March 28, 2010

Y3W43 & 44 - Life is About Experiences

I'd like to say that Ellyn left me the last word, but in reality, she fell asleep and we agreed that we wanted to get something posted before we fly out this week.

A year or so before with left the US, both my parents and Ellyn's mom were asking us what the kids wanted for Christmas gifts. Ellyn and I responded that what the kids needed more than gifts were experiences. We wanted them to provide memories of things that they did with there grandparents and an opportunity for them to develop talents or interests that they hadn't yet discovered.

This philosophy was amplified when we had the opportunity to live in Europe. It's interesting what happens to you when you're living on a fixed timetable. You begin to live life with a certain type of urgency. You find yourself making the decision to just go for it rather than wait. While to many our past three years may appear as an outrageous travel diary of dozens upon dozens of places visited and checked off a list (and we did have lists), we did try to truly experience the places we visited. We did extensive research when we traveled and tried to understand the history and culture hidden within.

In the midst of it all, we learned a lot about this part of the world and ultimately I hope that those we met learned a little bit about us and our home. Life is about experiences, and more importantly, how those experiences shape ones character. Hopefully, we have become a little more aware, a bit more humble, slightly more informed, a little smarter, more compassionate, and most importantly, a lot of fun to be around.

And oh, by the way, if you are interested in seeing a bit of Europe, give us a ring - We've checked that box. ;)


SammyJo said...

Hi folks,

how sad sad sad to learn about such an amazing family, living almost around the corner for a couple of years, when they are about to LEAVE!!

I wish you all the best!
Alexandra (3 kids, we would have been a great match :-))

Ryan Christensen said...

You guy's went so many places.


Anonymous said...

Greg and Ellyn, I just want to reiterate how much I have enjoyed your blog. You are so wise for your age and your children have had such great experiences, ones that will change their lives. I am so glad you are my son Jonathan's friends. And I would like to know you, too. Good luck in Michigan. Will you continue to blog?

We, too, are in the midst of moving. After more than 30 years in Des Moines we are moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. Our daughter and her family lives there. And we will be close to AZ so we can be closer to Jonathan and his amazing boys.

I hope I can continue to read about your lives. I care about you.

Patty Richardson

HW said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures through your blog. It made the world seem a little smaller--like you didn't completely disappear--and it gave me a vicarious thrill because I so would have loved to do what you did.

Good luck back in MI! We'll be visiting there this summer and I hope we'll see you.